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Fun In The Sun

Fun Before The Wedding

It was lovely to spend the afternoon with Becky + Chris in Manchester, it was great to have a bit of fun in the Park before their big day which is just next month.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon in mid-September, the lovely Autumn colours haven’t quite started to come through just yet but the light was lovely.

No Direction

We expect all our couples to be a little shy at the first sight of a professional camera, we live in an age where we are constantly being watched by some form of camera and taking snaps on our phones is habit, but when it comes to actually having one pointed at you it’s totally different.

Our style of shooting is really relaxed and we don’t tell you what to do unless you want the help, it’s more about capturing interaction and seeing how that transposes naturally, especially on a pre-wedding photoshoot, this session is a practice and with little or no direction at all.

Opportunity To Meet Up

The pre-wedding photoshoot is the opportunity to see what you look like naturally, doing everything yourselves and moving how you want to, this will help for a more relaxed session, we usually spend approx 20-30mins shooting and then off for a drink somewhere local for a chat about the wedding.  This is exactly what we did with Becky + Chris but after finding out we had live music in common we stayed a little bit longer chatting about their live band.

We can’t wait for their big day in a few weeks, after just 20mins of shooting with these results their wedding day is going to be epic.

Check out a sneak peek of Becky + Chris's fun in the Park

Tatton Park Photoshoot
Engagement Photograph
Engaged Couple
Holding Hands
Holding Hands
Fallen Tree
Fallen Tree Log
Lending a hand
Romance smiles

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