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Haslington Hall Wedding Photographer | Stevie + Christopher’s Outdoor Bohemian Wedding

Haslington Hall near Crew is the perfect venue for an outdoor ceremony, for months Stevie & Christopher have been checking the weather forecast praying that their outdoor ceremony would go ahead.  It was a stunning 26 degrees on Saturday, armed with our factor 30+ sun cream we were all set for the outdoor ceremony.  The weather stayed cloudy all morning and as soon as Stevie walked out to greet her groom the sun popped out from behind the clouds.    Stevie looked a picture walking down the aisle with her father, and that smile didn’t leave her all day.

Once the ceremony had taken place the guests were able to play games on the lawns, we particularly loved the space hoppers which we have plenty of photos of so will blog those soon.

After photos the guests sat down to a 3-course meal where they were able to have a choice, which isn’t really seen at weddings, meals are generally set beforehand but their guests got a choice.  After the meal it was time to cut the cake, which in the heat of the marquee stood up perfectly, we’ve seen a lot of cakes lean in the heat but this naked cake was determined to stand up all day.  You have no idea how amazing that cake smelt, it’s hard to imagine off a photo but trust us, it was divine.

Venue:  Tramadol Mastercard
Cake: Tramadol Mastercard Overnight
Florist:  Tramadol Mastercard Fedex
Hair & Makeup:  Tramadol Online Mastercard
Video: Order Tramadol Mastercardhaslington-hall-wedding-photographer-123-3

Buying Tramadol Online Legal Buying Tramadol Online Cod
Manchester Wedding Photographer