Portrait Photoshoot Didsbury | Samuels Family

The Samuels Family Photoshoot Didsbury

We had a great time with the Samuels Family, mum Lauren and daughter Sophie have travelled all the way from New York so Sophie could spend some quality time with Grandpa.  Sophie was adorable and typically running around like crazy picking up leaves and throwing them around.  We all remember loving the Autumn as kids and throwing leaves around has to be a must this time of year.

Only 20mins

We originally booked an hour session however after a long flight Lauren & Sophie mustered up all the energy they had on the flight over that day.  So with a withering toddler and a mum who needed feeding we got straight into action.  It’s amazing what you can do in just 20mins.  They do say never work with children and animals but we love it, the bond between Sophie & Freddie is priceless.

Check out a sneak peek at this 20min mini session...

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