Worsley Family Portrait Photography – Priya + Nerea

In September we caught up with Priya and her three-year-old daughter Nerea for a family photoshoot at Priya’s family home in the Worsley.  The best description I’ve heard of the town of Worsley is that it is a little piece of Cheshire in the heart of Salford.  This picturesque leafy suburb with its rich industrial history, canal and magpie style houses must have been an idyllic place for Priya as a child. And it must be so special for Priya now to watch Nerea running around and playing in the house and garden that she herself grew up in.

The family home has acres of land so we were really able to spread ourselves out and have a good play.  Three-year-old Nerea was a natural in front of the camera and loves to sing and dance to her favourite songs.  So, like the professionals, there were some costume changes!

Family Portrait Photographer in Worsley

Family photoshoots are always a good idea especially with growing children.   Life is busy, time flies and children develop and change so quickly.  You’ll never regret taking the time to stop for a second and invest in capturing beautiful memories.  In fact, you may regret it if you don’t.

We always achieve a natural and unposed look.  We find that engaging children with play with their parents relaxes them, this in turn relaxes their parents and allow us to get authentic images that really capture the personalities and essence of the families we photograph.

So, the scooter, the ball and the blowing bubbles were perfect for capturing Nerea engaged in the serious business of play.   Though there’s nothing better than a cuddle from mummy or being swung in the air by Granddad!   

And as you can see from these images of Priva, Nerea and their family, nothing looks posed or forced.  We just documented three generations of the family enjoying one another’s company in the family garden, as they would normally.

Creative and Natural Worsley Family Photography

We got some really beautiful images that we know Priya is thrilled with.  Images that she can treasure and then one day pass on to Nerea.

If you’d like some natural and creative family portraits of you with your loved ones, then why not get in touch.  We’d love to talk to you about how we can to capture the essence and character of your family with beautiful and timeless images.

Mother and daughter photoshoot in worsley
fun in a worsley garden
family with sun glasses in worsley
worsley family photographer
bubbles in a garden in worsley
garden photoshoot in worsley property
private garden in worsley
family photo in a worsley garden
mum and daughter hug in a garden in worsley
worsley family photographer the whole family
nerea playing with bubbles in her worsley garden
scooter in a worsley garden
photo of mother and daughter in worsley
scooter fun at home in worsley
worsley photographer in a private garden
lovely worsley woodland home
sunglasses looking good on this little girl in worsley
rainbow t-shirts as an nhs tribute
family photo in the garden in worsley
full family photo in worsley
nerea looking back on her family in worsley
fun in the sun in worsley
mum and daughter having fun
arms in the air in worsley
bubbles in the garden
gran and grandad at their worsley photoshoot
fun in the garden in worsley

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