Dunham Massey Pre-Wedding Session | Samantha + Chris

Dunham Massey Pre-Wedding Session with Samantha + Chris

Samantha + Chris were really looking forward to their Pre-Wedding Session which they won in a competition that we ran over the winter.  It’s was lovely to see them both again as it’s a while till their wedding so we had a good chat through some ideas for the day.  It’s great to be so involved with our couples so early on in their planning.

We headed off into the Sanctuary to find some Deer who were out in their herd ready for photos.  They must be so used to having their photos taken that they seem to pose which is great for us lol.

We really enjoyed this session so check out their photos and if you would like a session then get in touch and we can chat.

Dunham Massey National Trust Venue
Deer Sanctuary
Dunham Massey
Dunham Massey Pre-Wedding

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