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Entry Form

Valentine’s day is tomorrow so we are sharing the LOVE and giving away Two Free Engagement Sessions.  One via our Facebook Page and Two via our Instagram.

To be in with a double chance of winning make sure you, like, share and comment on both Instagram and Facebook.

To enter simply fill in the form below and submit your entry.  You must also Like our Facebook Page, comment, share and like, and/or do the same on Instagram.  Using both Facebook & Instagram and you get a double entry and the chance to enter twice.

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Enter on two social media platforms, entering on both platforms will give you two chances of winning.
  2. The session is for two people who are engaged.
  3. The session will take place in a location of your choice within a 25mile radius of Manchester, there will be a cost for additional travel outside the 25miles.
  4. All images from the session will be provided for download only.
  5. Closing date for entries will be the 24th February 2019
  6. The Facebook Winner will be announced on via our Facebook Page on the 25th February 2019
  7. The Instagram Winner will be announced via our Instagram Feed on the 25th February 2019.  Assuming you are following us we will tag you in the post should you be the winner.
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Manchester Wedding Photographer